Blank Fiction Magazine is currently accepting submissions for our third issue! The theme is Science Fiction. Issues will be published in the Apple Newsstand and a free PDF version will be available on our “Issues” page. 


All of our submissions are blind-reviewed, so please do not include any identifying factors (name, age, address, etc) within the attached file.  


The deadline for submissions to be considered for the Science Fiction issue is April 1st.



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Have a story in a genre we’re not calling for? Try “Extra, Extra!”

Want to submit to Blank Fiction but don’t write for the genre being called? 


“Extra, Extra!” solves that problem. 


Submit to this category if you’re confident you have a story we’ll like and want to publish.  If we do, we’ll add it as a free addition to our app, like a small issue that’s solely dedicated to your story. 


These won’t be published often, so the selection process will be very competitive.  But, if you’re willing to take a risk and support a good cause, send in your piece of no more than 15,000 words for consideration.  We’ll be excited you did. 


Good luck!


(All submission will receive a response in no more than two weeks.)




Stories should provide a solid understanding of the traditional practices of the genre, especially if they haven’t been established yet or you are going to disregard them completely. Also, submissions should not exceed 15,000 words. Since we are being somewhat generous with the length, we reserve the right to stop reading at any time – so keep us interested!


Be sure to follow our guidelines when it comes to blinding your submissions. If you do not, your piece may not be read.


While we accept simultaneous submissions, we do so with the understanding that you will let us know as soon as your story has been accepted elsewhere. We request this information so that we can eliminate your piece from our pile as well as send you a congratulatory email. We know what a big deal it is to be published… even if it isn’t with us.


If you are chosen to be in one of our issues, we retain exclusive rights for six months from the date of publication. After that, it’s all yours again.


All submissions are appreciated and will be responded to in the positive, negative or “Please, please, please, can we keep this for a later issue?” within 90 days of their arrival. If you do not hear from us within 90 days, don’t hesitate to send a follow-up query to


Blank Checks

Blank Fiction Magazine is proud to support all of our writers with a $50 honorarium for their contribution to our pages. While this payment is already substantial for a new and independent literary magazine, it is not as high as our staff would like. If our revenue stream grows enough to keep us in the black, a major percentage of those profits will be going back into our contributors.


The reasoning behind this is two-fold. First, we want to be able to attract better writing to pass on to our readers. Second, Blank Fiction Magazine – and everyone that works on it – cares deeply about today’s writing culture and would like to help raise the bar in regards to compensation. Writing is a tough gig and we want to show you we understand that and appreciate your effort. That being said, earn your keep and send us some great literature!